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Layer up in style with our exclusive offer! When you buy a ring or a necklace, get a third piece on us to perfect your layered look. Dive into our curated collections and master the art of layering with 1 + 1 = 3. Elevate your ensemble and create a statement that's uniquely you. Embrace the beauty of layering with Narcissa today!

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Croissant RingCroissant Ring - Narcissa
Croissant Ring Sale price$71.00
Angel Signet RingAngel Signet Ring
Angel Signet Ring Sale price$63.00 Regular price$83.00
Cable Chain RingCable Chain Ring - Narcissa
Cable Chain Ring Sale price$43.00
Bee Signet RingBee Signet Ring - Narcissa
Bee Signet Ring Sale price$47.00
Vintage RingVintage Ring
Vintage Ring Sale price$47.00 Regular price$67.00
Shell Signet RingShell Signet Ring
Shell Signet Ring Sale price$58.00 Regular price$75.00
Silk Textured RingSilk Textured Ring
Silk Textured Ring Sale price$51.00
Freshwater Pearls RingFreshwater Pearls Ring - Narcissa
Freshwater Pearls Ring Sale price$38.00
Sparkling Croissant RingSparkling Croissant Ring - Narcissa
Sparkling Croissant Ring Sale price$54.00
Resizable Liquid RingResizable Liquid Ring - Narcissa
Resizable Liquid Ring Sale price$36.00
Oval Pearl RingOval Pearl Ring
Oval Pearl Ring Sale price$35.00
Starry Modern RingStarry Modern Ring - Narcissa
Starry Modern Ring Sale price$59.00
Thin Curb Chain RingThin Curb Chain Ring
Thin Curb Chain Ring Sale price$40.00
The Bound RingThe Bound Ring - Narcissa
The Bound Ring Sale price$52.00
Wide Classic Ring
Wide Classic Ring Sale price$46.00
Sun Ring
Sun Ring Sale price$40.00
Irregular Shell RingIrregular Shell Ring
Irregular Shell Ring Sale price$54.00 Regular price$71.00
Heart Signet Ring
Heart Signet Ring Sale price$53.00
Sunshine Arch RingSunshine Arch Ring - Narcissa
Sunshine Arch Ring Sale price$42.00
Tiny Eye RingTiny Eye Ring - Narcissa
Tiny Eye Ring Sale price$38.00
Tiny Crystal Heart RingTiny Crystal Heart Ring - Narcissa
Tiny Crystal Heart Ring Sale price$40.00
Crystal Signet RingCrystal Signet Ring - Narcissa
Crystal Signet Ring Sale price$59.00
Star Signet RingStar Signet Ring - Narcissa
Star Signet Ring Sale price$54.00
Engraved Modern RingEngraved Modern Ring - Narcissa
Engraved Modern Ring Sale price$58.00
Thin twisted ringThin twisted ring - Narcissa
Thin twisted ring Sale price$38.00
Night Sky RingNight Sky Ring - Narcissa
Night Sky Ring Sale price$46.00
Crystal Heart RingCrystal Heart Ring - Narcissa
Crystal Heart Ring Sale price$51.00 Regular price$70.00
Sparkling Oval RingSparkling Oval Ring
Sparkling Oval Ring Sale price$42.00
Sparkling Curb Chain RingSparkling Curb Chain Ring
Sparkling Curb Chain Ring Sale price$49.00
Vintage Rope RingVintage Rope Ring - Narcissa
Vintage Rope Ring Sale price$42.00
Oval Chain RingOval Chain Ring - Narcissa
Oval Chain Ring Sale price$37.00
Fluted Wide RingFluted Wide Ring - Narcissa
Fluted Wide Ring Sale price$53.00
Thin Irregular RingThin Irregular Ring - Narcissa
Thin Irregular Ring Sale price$41.00
Square Signet RingSquare Signet Ring - Narcissa
Square Signet Ring Sale price$41.00
Thin twisted ringThin Vintage ring
Thin Vintage ring Sale price$38.00
Double Sparkle RingDouble Sparkle Ring - Narcissa
Double Sparkle Ring Sale price$49.00 Regular price$64.00
Narrow Classic RingNarrow Classic Ring
Narrow Classic Ring Sale price$43.00
Intertwined RingIntertwined Ring
Intertwined Ring Sale price$47.00
Curb Chain Ring
Curb Chain Ring Sale price$54.00
Anchor Chain RingAnchor Chain Ring
Anchor Chain Ring Sale price$47.00