Find your style

Are you curious to find out what your fashion style is? Do you struggle to decide what to wear and how to put together a fashionable outfit? Take this quiz to find out if your style is chic, elegant, or bold! It will help you understand what types of clothing and accessories look best on you and how to create the perfect look for any occasion. So why wait? Take this quiz now and find out what your true fashion style is!

1. Which color do you usually wear?
A. Pastel colors
B. Neutral colors
C. Bright, bold colors
2. How would you describe your look?
A. Trendy and daring
B. Classic and timeless
C. Playful and quirky
3. What type of shoes do you usually wear?
A. Stylish flats
B. High heels
C. Sneakers
4. Which statement best fits your style?
A. I like to mix bold and subtle pieces.
B. I prefer to keep things classic and timeless.
C. I always like to make a statement with my clothes.
5. What type of jewelry do you prefer to wear?
A. Delicate and dainty
B. Subtle and elegant
C. Statement pieces


If you have answered A the most, then your style is chic - sophisticated, and modern with a touch of minimalism. If you receive answered B the most, then your style is elegant - classic and timeless with a focus on quality and sophistication. Finally, if you answered C the most, then your style is bold - edgy, and daring with a flair for making a statement. Share your results with friends and let them take the quiz too!

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