5 unusual ways to wear jewelry

Do you ever feel like you've run out of ways to wear jewelry? It's easy to get in a rut when it comes to accessorizing, but don't worry—there are plenty of unusual and creative ways to get your jewelry back into the spotlight. Here are some of our favorite ideas for wearing jewelry in unexpected ways.

  1. Stack necklaces. Instead of wearing one necklace at a time, layer several together for an eye-catching look. Vary the lengths and widths of the necklaces for a trendy, undone feel.
  2. Wear a bracelet as a headband. If you have a particularly large and colorful bracelet, why not try wearing it as a headband? It's an unexpected way to dress up a casual outfit, and it can also be used to hold back your hair.
  3. Stack rings on different fingers. Instead of wearing each ring on its own finger, stack them together on one finger for a bohemian look. It's a great way to show off all your favorite pieces at once.
  4. Layer earrings. Instead of wearing one pair of earrings, layer several together for a unique look. You can mix and match different sizes and styles or stick to one theme for a more cohesive look.
  5. Wear a necklace as a bracelet. If your necklace is too long to wear as a choker, why not try wearing it as a bracelet? Wrap it around your wrist a few times and secure it with a knot for an effortless look.

With these ideas in mind, you can easily update your look with jewelry. Get creative and have fun with your jewelry—you never know what will look good until you try it.

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