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Last Chance

Last Chance

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity! Get your hands on this stunning collection of jewelry before it runs out of stock. Get yours before it's too late!

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Croissant RingCroissant Ring - Narcissa
Croissant Ring Sale price€64,00
Angel Signet RingAngel Signet Ring
Angel Signet Ring Sale price€57,00 Regular price€75,00
Shell Letter NecklaceShell Letter Necklace - Narcissa
Shell Letter Necklace Sale price€74,00 Regular price€95,00
Cable Chain RingCable Chain Ring - Narcissa
Cable Chain Ring Sale price€39,00
Bee Signet RingBee Signet Ring - Narcissa
Bee Signet Ring Sale price€42,00
Shell Signet RingShell Signet Ring
Shell Signet Ring Sale price€52,00 Regular price€68,00
Vintage RingVintage Ring
Vintage Ring Sale price€42,00 Regular price€61,00
Silk Textured RingSilk Textured Ring
Silk Textured Ring Sale price€46,00
Wavy Large HoopsWavy Large Hoops - Narcissa
Wavy Large Hoops Sale price€58,00 Regular price€65,00
Sparkling Croissant RingSparkling Croissant Ring - Narcissa
Sparkling Croissant Ring Sale price€49,00
Large Knot Cuff - Narcissa
Large Knot Cuff Sale price€39,00
Wide Classic Ring
Wide Classic Ring Sale price€41,00
Curb Chain Bracelet - NarcissaCurb Chain Bracelet - Narcissa
Curb Chain Bracelet Sale priceFrom €37,00
Heart Signet Ring
Heart Signet Ring Sale price€48,00
The Bound RingThe Bound Ring - Narcissa
The Bound Ring Sale price€47,00
Starry Modern RingStarry Modern Ring - Narcissa
Starry Modern Ring Sale price€53,00
North Star Cuff - NarcissaNorth Star Cuff - Narcissa
North Star Cuff Sale price€60,00
Tiny Eye RingTiny Eye Ring - Narcissa
Tiny Eye Ring Sale price€34,00
Thin twisted ringThin twisted ring - Narcissa
Thin twisted ring Sale price€34,00
Flat Link Chain NecklaceFlat Link Chain
Flat Link Chain Sale price€57,00
Night Sky RingNight Sky Ring - Narcissa
Night Sky Ring Sale price€41,00
Crystal Signet RingCrystal Signet Ring - Narcissa
Crystal Signet Ring Sale price€53,00
Large Pearl Ear CuffPearl Ear Cuff
Pearl Ear Cuff Sale price€25,00
Tiny Crystal Heart RingTiny Crystal Heart Ring - Narcissa
Tiny Crystal Heart Ring Sale price€36,00
Sparkling Curb Chain RingSparkling Curb Chain Ring
Sparkling Curb Chain Ring Sale price€44,00
Vintage Rope RingVintage Rope Ring - Narcissa
Vintage Rope Ring Sale price€38,00
Thin Irregular RingThin Irregular Ring - Narcissa
Thin Irregular Ring Sale price€37,00
Square Signet RingSquare Signet Ring - Narcissa
Square Signet Ring Sale price€37,00
Double Sparkle RingDouble Sparkle Ring - Narcissa
Double Sparkle Ring Sale price€44,00 Regular price€58,00
Slim Twisted Cuff - NarcissaSlim Twisted Cuff
Slim Twisted Cuff Sale price€39,00
Anchor Chain RingAnchor Chain Ring
Anchor Chain Ring Sale price€42,00
Chunky ChainChunky Chain - Narcissa
Chunky Chain Sale price€73,00 Regular price€97,00
Lock NecklaceModel Wearing Lock Necklace
Lock Necklace Sale price€42,00 Regular price€65,00
Anchor Chain Bracelet - Narcissa
Anchor Chain Bracelet Sale price€37,00
Oval Chain RingOval Chain Ring - Narcissa
Oval Chain Ring Sale price€33,00
Intertwined RingIntertwined Ring
Intertwined Ring Sale price€42,00
Small Knot Cuff - Narcissa
Small Knot Cuff Sale price€39,00
Sold outLarge Oval Cuff - NarcissaLarge Oval Cuff
Large Oval Cuff Sale price€46,00
Twisted CuffTwisted Cuff
Twisted Cuff Sale price€42,00
Small Pearls Ear CuffSmall Pearls Ear Cuff - Narcissa
Small Pearls Ear Cuff Sale price€25,00