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Shine twice as bright with our code SILVERTWIN! Purchase any jewelry piece and receive its silver twin at 50% off. Whether you're looking to mix metals or gift a matching piece to a loved one, now's the perfect time. Dive into our exquisite collections and double the elegance without doubling the price. Embrace this limited-time offer and let your style sparkle with Narcissa!

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Snake Chain NecklaceSnake Chain
Snake Chain Sale price$71.00
Croissant HoopsCroissant Hoops
Croissant Hoops Sale price$76.00 Regular price$84.00
Large Knot StudsLarge Knot Studs - Narcissa
Large Knot Studs Sale price$59.00
Regular Oval HoopsMinimalist Oval Hoops - Narcissa
Minimalist Oval Hoops Sale price$59.00
Vintage RingVintage Ring
Vintage Ring Sale price$47.00 Regular price$68.00
Sparkling EarringsSparkling Earrings - Narcissa
Sparkling Earrings Sale price$76.00 Regular price$84.00
North Star Stud - NarcissaNorth Star Stud - Narcissa
North Star Stud Sale price$23.00
Sunrise Stud - NarcissaSunrise Stud - Narcissa
Sunrise Stud Sale price$23.00
Round Large HoopsRound Large Hoops - Narcissa
Round Large Hoops Sale price$60.00
Wavy Large HoopsWavy Large Hoops - Narcissa
Wavy Large Hoops Sale price$65.00 Regular price$72.00
Small Crown Stud - NarcissaSmall Crown Stud - Narcissa
Small Crown Stud Sale price$23.00
Sparkling Moon EarringsSparkling Moon Earrings - Narcissa
Sparkling Moon Earrings Sale price$55.00 Regular price$61.00
Chunky Croissant EarringsChunky Croissant Earrings - Narcissa
Chunky Croissant Earrings Sale price$58.00
Pin Hoops - NarcissaPin Hoops - Narcissa
Pin Hoops Sale price$54.00
Pearl Ear Cuff
Pearl Ear Cuff Sale price$28.00
Large Pearl Ear CuffPearl Ear Cuff
Pearl Ear Cuff Sale price$28.00
Thunderstorm Drops - NarcissaThunderstorm Drops - Narcissa
Thunderstorm Drops Sale price$41.00 Regular price$50.00
Lilly Stud - NarcissaLilly Stud - Narcissa
Lilly Stud Sale price$23.00
Crown Stud - NarcissaCrown Stud - Narcissa
Crown Stud Sale price$23.00
Star Stud - Narcissa
Star Stud Sale price$23.00
Eclipse Stud - NarcissaEclipse Stud
Eclipse Stud Sale price$23.00
Hollow Heart Stud - NarcissaHollow Heart Stud
Hollow Heart Stud Sale price$23.00
Sparkling Chain DropsSparkling Chain Drops - Narcissa
Sparkling Chain Drops Sale price$31.00
Sparkling Sun StudsSparkling Sun Studs - Narcissa
Sparkling Sun Studs Sale price$30.00 Regular price$39.00
Twisted Huggie Hoops
Twisted Huggie Hoops Sale price$48.00 Regular price$56.00
Sparkling Ear CuffSparkling Ear Cuff - Narcissa
Sparkling Ear Cuff Sale price$38.00 Regular price$50.00
Heavy Vintage HoopsHeavy Vintage Hoops - Narcissa
Heavy Vintage Hoops Sale price$76.00
Round Hollow HoopsRound Hollow Hoops - Narcissa
Round Hollow Hoops Sale price$62.00
Small Pearl HoopsSmall Pearl Hoops
Small Pearl Hoops Sale price$43.00
Croissant Ear CuffCroissant Ear Cuff
Croissant Ear Cuff Sale price$28.00
Small Pearls Ear CuffSmall Pearls Ear Cuff - Narcissa
Small Pearls Ear Cuff Sale price$28.00
Sparkling Chain Hoops - NarcissaSparkling Chain Hoops
Sparkling Chain Hoops Sale price$75.00
Oval Twisted Hoops - NarcissaOval Twisted Hoops - Narcissa
Oval Twisted Hoops Sale price$53.00
Intertwined Hoops - NarcissaIntertwined Hoops
Intertwined Hoops Sale price$47.00
Oyster Pearl Drops - Narcissa
Oyster Pearl Drops Sale price$26.00
Leaves Stud - NarcissaLeaves Stud
Leaves Stud Sale price$23.00
Cuff Link Stud - NarcissaCuff Link Stud - Narcissa
Cuff Link Stud Sale price$35.00
Night Sky Drops - NarcissaNight Sky Drops - Narcissa
Night Sky Drops Sale price$37.00
Liana Drops - Narcissa
Liana Drops Sale price$43.00
Creek Stud - NarcissaCreek Stud
Creek Stud Sale price$23.00
Rising Moon Stud - Narcissa
Rising Moon Stud Sale price$23.00
River Stud - NarcissaRiver Stud - Narcissa
River Stud Sale price$23.00
Cross Stud - NarcissaCross Stud
Cross Stud Sale price$23.00
Wired Studs - NarcissaWired Studs - Narcissa
Wired Studs Sale price$33.00
Long Cross Stud - NarcissaLong Cross Stud - Narcissa
Long Cross Stud Sale price$23.00
Trefoil Stud - Narcissa
Trefoil Stud Sale price$23.00
Moon Stud - NarcissaMoon Stud - Narcissa
Moon Stud Sale price$23.00
Small Flower Stud - Narcissa
Small Flower Stud Sale price$23.00